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For all the fun of the farm, ‘ewe’ must try Farm Animal Puzzle! This set of early learning games includes fun and educational farm animal games for toddlers from 12 months through to preschool children. They’ll practice motor skills and problems solving in a jolly world of farm animals - ’shear’ fun!

Farm Animal Puzzle helps your child learn animal names and shapes as they drag the puzzle pieces to create pictures or place the animal in its correct position in each farm scene.

Watch their delight as they are rewarded with a fun bubble pop game after successfully finishing each puzzle. Three completed puzzles will earn a sticker - they can ‘mooo-ve’ to the sticker board to keep track of their sticker score!

But the fun doesn’t end there - alongside the farm animal puzzles and stcikers is a great memory match game plus animated farm animal flash cards. Learning has never been so ‘udderly' fun!

Skills your children will learn:
Problem solving skills
Hand-eye coordination skills
Image recognition
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